The M.S. in Agronomy Program is made possible by many dedicated individuals, including faculty, staff, administrators, undergraduate workers, and even students themselves who provide vital feedback. Below are profiles of just some of our current contributors.

Allan Ciha

Allan Ciha : Instructor

Dr. Ciha is the course instructor for Agronomy 514: Integrated Pest Management and Agronomy 533: Crop Protection.

Dan Dobill

Dan Dobill : Instructor

Dan teaches Agronomy 502: Chemistry, Physics, & Biology of Soils.

Ken Moore

Ken Moore : Administration, Instructor

Research involves identifying factors which limit the nutritive value of and development of systems for improved utilization of forages. Dr. Moore teaches the Agronomy 599m: Creative Component Seminar.

Margaret Smith

Margaret Smith : Instructor

Dr. Smith teaches Agronomy 531: Crop Management and Ecology.

Mark Westgate

Mark Westgate : Faculty

Dr. Westgate teaches Agronomy 501: Crop Growth and Development.

Dawn Miller

Dawn Miller : Staff

Academic Adviser for the Distance Programs in Agronomy and the Crop Adviser Institute (CAI).

Gretchen Anderson

Gretchen Anderson : Staff

Gretchen is the Agronomy Development Lab Coordinator. The lab manages the web materials and Blackboard setup for the MS Agronomy and Certificate in Agronomy programs.

Glenn Wiedenhoeft

Glenn Wiedenhoeft : Staff

Instructional Support Specialist for Distance Programs in Agronomy and Crop Adviser Institute (CAI).

Mark Licht

Mark Licht : Instructor

Dr. Licht teaches Agronomy 591: Agronomic Systems Analysis and Agronomy 594: Workshop in Agronomy.

Jaci Severson

Jaci Severson : Staff

Admissions/Graduation Coordinator

M. Harbur

M. Harbur : Instructor

Dr. Harbur teaches Agronomy 513: Quantitative Methods for Agronomy.

Laura Merrick

Laura Merrick : Instructor

Dr. Merrick teaches Agronomy 592: Current Issues in Agronomy.

Kendall Lamkey

Kendall Lamkey : Administration

Dr. Lamkey is the Chair, Department of Agronomy, Pioneer Distinguished Chair in Maize Breeding and Director of the Raymond F. Baker Center for Plant Breeding.

Andrew Lenssen

Andrew Lenssen : Instructor

Dr. Lenssen teaches Agronomy 532: Soil Management.

Renuka Mathur

Renuka Mathur : Instructor

Dr. Mathur teaches Agronomy 512: Soil-Plant Environment.

Tyler Price

Tyler Price : Staff

Instructional Support Specialist for Distance Programs in Agronomy and Crop Adviser Institute (CAI).

Andy Rohrback

Andy Rohrback : Staff

Instructional Support Specialist for Distance Programs in Agronomy, Crop Adviser Institute, and Plant Breeding E-learning in Africa.

Debra Lee

Debra Lee : Instructor

Dr. Lee teaches Agronomy 511: Crop Improvement.

Deborah Burns

Deborah Burns : Writing consultant for students in the MS in Agronomy program. Interdisciplinary writing consultant and sociology doctoral student.

As an interdisciplinary writing consultant, Deborah has a broad understanding of the writing conventions of different types of texts and assist student in various disciplines. She offers one-on-one consultations and can assist with any type of research-related communication (e.g., creative component, thesis, journal articles, proceedings papers, conference presentations and posters, etc.). This also includes course writing and research projects as well. Deborah can assist at any stage of any the writing process, from brainstorming and organizing ideas to polishing a final draft. Graduate students can make appointments with Deborah through the ISU Center for Communication Excellence’s appointy site which is hyperlinked on her name above.

Raymond Arritt

Raymond Arritt : Instructor

Dr. Arritt teaches Agronomy 503: Climate and Crop Growth.

Advisory Panel

The Advisory Panel is a group of industry, government, academia, and student body representatives that provide feedback to the program from an outside perspective for quality assurance. The Panel meets annually to discuss important issues related to curriculum content, delivery, and other issues affecting the program.

  • Seed Industry - Robert Beck, Agrilliance
  • Continuing Education - Richard Carter, ISU Professor (retired)
  • Machinery Industry - Joe Ellerbach, John Deere
  • Crop Management - Dale Farnham, Farmers Mutual Hail Insurance Company of Iowa
  • Government Agencies - Jim Gulliford, U.S. EPA
  • Producers - Ronald Heck, Iowa Soybean Promotion Board
  • Extension - Brian J. Lang, ISU Extension
  • Academia - Dr. Lowell E. Moser, University of Nebraska (retired)
  • Cooperatives - James J. Penney, Heart of Iowa Co-op