MS Agronomy POS Committee Organization

The Program of Study (POS) Committee will consist of:

POS committee and student

Student poses with his POS committee following
a successful defense.

  • One faculty member from the MS Agronomy program as the Major Professor (MP) or as Co-MP. Note: Adjunct faculty can only serve as Co-MP.
  • Dr. Ken Moore and Dr. Tom Loynachan, MS Agronomy faculty, fulfill all other needs of the committee. Although Dr. Loynachan has agreed to serve on MS Agronomy POS committees, please feel free to substitute another committee member if it makes sense based on your Creative Component topic.
Role of the Major Professor and POS Committee:
  • Guide and assist the student
  • Accept subject area for their Creative Component
  • Accept the proposed Creative Component design
  • Approve the report prior to oral defense
  • Chair the presentation/oral defense of the Creative Component for degree completion