3. Get Registered

When does registration start?

Start dates for registration are listed in the ISU Calendar.  The exact date will differ depending on the year.  A general rule of thumb:

  • Summer and Fall registration begins around March 20th
  • Spring registration begins around October 20th.

Program registration policies

  1. All MS Agronomy courses posted for registration are section “XW” (off-campus).
    • For example, if you’d like Agronomy 501, you would look for AGRON 501 Section XW
  2. Class enrollment is 25 students/class
    • Students can register using AccessPlus up to the first 20 spots
    • Dawn Miller monitors the last 5 spots for students with special circumstances.  If you find a “course full” message, contact Dawn msagron@iastate.edu. She can let you know if there is a spot available or add you to a waiting list.
  3. Registration etiquette: Respect your fellow students by registering for only the class you will actually take.  Please do not register for extra courses and drop later.

Finally!  It's time to register!  You can do so in one of the following ways:

  1. Register yourself through AccessPlusHelp video.
    • NOTE: you will find an assigned a registration date and time in AccessPlus.  The registration system staggers registration based on number of credits completed.  If you don’t want to wait to register, follow #2 below.
    • You might also be asked for a Registration Access Number (RAN).  The MS Agronomy office does not receive those, so follow #2 below.
  2. Contact the M.S. in Agronomy office: msagron@iastate.edu or 1-866-MSAGRON or 515-294-2999. Dawn Miller can contact the registrar’s office on your behalf on the first day of the registration period.

Did you get registered?  How to tell:

  • Check in AccessPlus.  On the left menu click Class Schedule.  Your class will be posted here.  There is a semester drop-down button, be sure you look for the correct semester.


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