3. Suggested Timeline

When should you start your Creative Component?

It is highly recommended that you start your CC project by the time you have completed 4 courses.  This will be the 4th semester if taking 1 course/semester, or 2nd semester if taking 2 courses/semester.

How to build the CC into your program:

  1. When you decide upon a topic, plan to register for the Agronomy 599M Seminar during either a fall or spring semester.  
    • The Seminar is your first credit of 599M (you are required to take 3 credits of 599M)
  2. After the seminar semester, continue to work on your project independently
    • The CC is the ONLY part of the program that you must figure out your own schedule to complete your work.
    • It's highly recommended that you work with your major professor to plan a timeline
  3. Set a goal of defending your CC the same semester as your last class
    • The CC will take as much time as a class to complete.  Save the same time in your schedule to work on the CC as you did for a regular class.
    • It's OK to complete the CC project before finishing coursework, however, a defense can be scheduled no earlier than the semester of your last class.
  4. When your CC is complete to your major professor's satisfaction, we can then plan a Defense (the ISU Grad College calls this a Final Oral Examination)
    • We register you for your remaining 2 credits of 599M the semester you defend