10-Year Anniversary

Master of Science in Agronomy Program
Celebrating 10 years of education!

"Empowering Student Success," a chronicle of the program's progress over the past 10 years.

 10th Anniversary Publication

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July 26, 2007 was an evening of celebration for the Master of Science in Agronomy Program and an occasion to look back at the past decade of student success. This celebration was scheduled to coincide with the Agronomy 594 Workshop course and the new student orientation to allow as many students as possible to participate.

The festivities included a social hour, dinner, and a presentation describing the successes of the program, congratulating faculty, staff, students, and administrators for their years of hard work, and honoring several student scholarship award winners.

"The occasion of our tenth anniversary is a time to celebrate our success, reflect on our past and also a time to look ahead to our future. Thinking back to those early days when the Agronomy M.S. program was simply an idea reminds me how far we have reached beyond our early aspirations. It all began with the recognition that there was a group of students not being well served by the graduate programs we offered in Agronomy. . . This was mid-nineties, the Internet revolution had just begun, and we were beginning to realize its potential as a medium for teaching and learning. When a few of us pitched the idea of offering an M.S. degree at a distance to our Chair Ron Cantrell, his immediate reaction was “we have to do this.”

- Ken Moore, Program Director

"Since the Iowa Board of Regents approved the degree in 1997, the program has been a showpiece for the department, college, and university. . . It is unique to find one program that supports university and college strategic themes so completely, while meeting the needs of unique students who otherwise would not be served. This exemplary program is truly worthy of celebrating."

- Kendall Lamkey, Iowa State University Agronomy Chair