MS Agronomy Program Graduation Information

Graduation Criteria

MS Agronomy students must meet the following criteria in order to graduate:

  • Complete 37 credits of coursework and 3 credits of creative component within the 7 year time limit.
  • Complete a POSC (Program of Study Committee) form a semester prior (at the latest) to the term they hope to defend their creative component. The POSC will list all program courses, including creative component credits, and the names of the student’s graduate committee (major professor and committee members).
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better, with no class with less than a C grade.
  • Get a “pass” criterion at the conclusion of the Final Oral Exam of the creative component.

Final Oral Exam of the Creative Component, Otherwise Known as a Defense

Students must have a complete draft of the creative component ready by the beginning of the semester they hope to defend. It is recommended, but not required, that students try to defend the same semester as their last class. A defense is not allowed by the Graduate College before the last semester of course(s), but can take place after coursework is complete. Below is a guideline for the way the Distance Programs in Agronomy facilitates a defense:

  • A student’s major professor must agree that the student is ready to defend.
  • The student completes the graduation application in AccessPlus (and pay a $75 fee) by the deadline for that particular semester. Graduation deadlines:
  • The student schedules a defense with his/her graduate committee by the final date to defend for that particular semester (see graduation deadlines).
  • Once a defense date is set, the Distance Programs in Agronomy office will register the student for the final 2 credits of creative component credit (599M).
  • If the student gets a “pass” at the conclusion of the Final Oral Exam, the student will get 2 weeks to complete any edits their committee recommends and return the final written copy of their creative component to the Distance Programs in Agronomy office.

Participating in Commencement

Graduating students will be contacted by the graduation office to log into AccessPlus to identify whether or not they will participate in commencement: Those not participating in commencement will verify where their diploma can be sent.

If you choose to participate in the commencement ceremony let us know so we can support you as you walk across the stage!

Questions about the Defense

If you need assistance at any time during the Creative Component Defense process, contact the MS Agronomy program office.