Below are the system and browser minimum requirements for viewing course material in the M.S. Agronomy program. Use the table below to ensure your computer and browser meet our requirements.

You can also see if your computer meets the requirements for Blackboard Learn by going to the homepage and clicking the Browser Test button in the bottom-left corner.

To test if your computer meets the requirements to run Adobe Connect, go to the Adobe Connect Diagnostic Test. You can also view a Quick Start Guide to help you get set up.

Minimum Requirements Recommended Your Computer Pass? Action
Microsoft Windows 7 Microsoft Windows 10
FireFox 3+
Chrome 7
Safari 4
Firefox 4+
Chrome 10+
Safari 5
Flash 9.0 Web Player Flash 10.0 Web Player
Acrobat Reader 7.0+
Chrome PDF Viewer
Acrobat Reader 9.0+
Chrome PDF Viewer

Unfortunately, we cannot always accurately test for MS Office capability. Please visit this to view some test files.