Graduate Certificate Plan of Study

Course progression

Students can take the Certificate courses in any order with the exception of Agronomy 512.  Agronomy 502 should be completed prior to taking Agronomy 512.  It is also highly recommended to take Agronomy 501 prior to Agronomy 511.

Choosing course workload

Typically, MS Agronomy students enroll in one or two courses per semester while working full time, Certificate students can expect a similar pattern of enrollment.  When deciding upon number of courses to take in a given semester, students should expect to spend 8-12 hours/week per course to get through lesson materials and complete assignments.  

Certificate Completion

The total time required to complete the Graduate Certificate in Agronomy is flexible and depends upon your personal situation. Therefore, students can expect to spend one and a half to three years to complete the Certificate.