MS Agronomy Admission Requirements

To be admitted to the program, students will be required to meet the following prerequisites:

  1. Obtain a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution
  2. Graduate in the top half of your class (GPA of approximately 2.8 or higher on a 4.0 scale)
  3. Successfully complete the following ISU courses or their equivalent at another institution:
    • Agronomy 181: Introduction to Crop Science (3 credits)*
    • Agronomy 182: Introduction to Soil Science (3 credits)*
    • Biology 101: Introductory Biology (3 credits)
    • Chemistry 163: General Chemistry (4 credits)
    • Math 140: College Algebra (3 credits)
    • Statistics 104: Introduction to Statistics (3 credits)
    • * If you are a Certified Crop Adviser (CCA) the prerequisite crop and soil courses will be waived.

These prerequisites have been limited to those considered essential because many potential students for the degree program will not have majored in agronomy as undergraduates. Generally, students who have completed a 4-year degree from a College of Agriculture will have satisfied most of these requirements. Meeting the requirements mentioned above does not guarantee admission. You will go through the standard admission process of the Agronomy Department. If you do not currently meet the requirements, we can advise you on how to prepare yourself to enter the program.

International Students

  • Non-native speakers of English will need to provide a TOEFL score. Once admitted to the program and university, the student will be required to take an English Placement Test. This will require an ISU Net-ID and the student will need to contact the English Placement Test Coordinator ( to schedule the test online. More information about Iowa State University English requirement are available online.

Please visit the policy page to learn more about the admissions policy.

Questions about the admissions process

If you need assistance at any time during this process, contact the MS Agronomy program office.