Creative component report
Learning module option

Creative Component Description

The creative component requirement is the final culminating project for the program, intended to be an in-depth application of the knowledge and skills acquired from the MS Agronomy curriculum.

The creative component can take many forms, but in all cases includes a written report “based on research, library readings, or topics related to the student's area of specialization and approved by the student's advisory committee.”

The Creative Component is seen as a means of applying course content to everyday agronomy issues students may face. Ideally, it should be relevant to the student's career interests or personal situations. 

MS Agronomy program expectations for students include:

  • The project must show independence and creativity on the part of the student.
  • A well-written report must be developed about the project.
  • The project must be agronomically related and demonstrate the student's understanding of agronomic principles in the context of the project topic.
  • The project must be approved by the student's Program of Study (POS) Committee.
  • The results of the creative component must be defensible in terms of its findings, conclusions, or recommendations to the student's POS Committee.

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