Hands touching corn leaves
Student studying a soil core
Example of a graph from course materials
Bean leaf beetle

MS Agronomy Curriculum

The MS Agronomy Program is a total of 40 credits, distributed as follows:

Online Coursework (Twelve 3-credit courses) = 36 Credits

For more information about each course, including course descriptions, prerequisites, and credits, please click on its name below.

On-Campus Practicum  = 1 credit

Creative Component  (599M Independent Study) = 3 credits

All MS Agronomy courses are required for degree completion. The program does not offer specializations or course substitutions.

Students are allowed to transfer up to 3 courses (9 credits) into the program, with the following guidelines:

  1. Applicants should request possible transfer courses with transcript documentation during the preapplication process
  2. For graduate coursework completed as an undergraduate, the graduate credits must not have been counted towards the undergraduate degree program requirements
  3. Possible transfer courses must be equivalent in content to MS Agronomy courses.  The selection committee will review any requests and determine content similarity.