MS Agronomy Curriculum

Hands touching corn leaves Student studying a soil core Example of a graph from course materials Bean leaf beetle

The following courses are offered through the MS Agronomy program. For more information about each course, including course descriptions, prerequisites, and credits, please click on its name below.

Total Program Credits = 40

All MS Agronomy courses are required for degree completion. Students are allowed to transfer up to 3 courses into the program, but must be approved by the MS Agronomy graduate committee prior to program enrollment. New students should propose possible transfer courses in an email or letter, and include any relevant course information that can assist the graduate committee with the process.

Courses are offered every fall, spring, and summer semester. Usually, Agronomy 501, 502, 503, 531, 532, and 533 are offered during every fall semester. Agronomy 511, 512, 513, 591, and 592 are offered during the spring semester, and Agronomy 514, and 594 are offered during the summer.

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