Silhouetted students standing in a field
Student takng data
Student interacting with a producer

MS Agronomy Goals

Students who successfully complete this program will be able to:

  • Understand the scientific principles underlying crop management and physiology, plant improvement, climatology, soil management and fertility, integrated pest management, and the interaction of these principles
  • Critically evaluate research in terms of design, content, potential application, and limitations with respect to agronomic systems
  • Apply agronomic knowledge to real-world problems via application of scientific principles
  • Understand moral, ethical, and legal perspectives of agricultural activities
  • Understand group dynamics and facilitate the accomplishment of individual and collective goals
  • Communicate effectively with scientists, professionals, farmers, other professionals, and the general public for the purposes of learning and informing
  • Communicate electronically and utilize various Internet information services.
“I didn’t want to just get the degree. I needed to learn the information to do my job work. It wasn’t that I was going to get a raise if I had got the masters degree or had some status increase. I needed the information to learn and translate the information into what I was doing at work.”