Graduate Certificate CEUs for Courses

If you hold a Certified Crop Advisor license, Graduate Certificate in Agronomy courses can count for Continuting Education Unit (CEU) credit.  Courses were long ago approved by the National CCA Certification Board.

To receive CEUs for completed courses, please email with the following information:

  1. Student name
  2. Course name and number
  3. Semester course was completed
  4. CCA license number and state of certification (for example 123456 IA)

Graduate Certificate in Agronomy courses and respective CEU credits:

Agronomy 501: 45 credits in Crop Management

Agronomy 502: 26.25 credits in Soil & Water and 18.75 in Nutrient Management

Agronomy 503: 45 credits in Crop Management

Agronomy 511: 45 credits in Crop Management

Agronomy 512: 22.5 credits in Soil & Water and 22.5 in Nutrient Management

Agronomy 514: 45 credits in Pest Management

If there are other groups that you would like the MS Agronomy office to collaborate with for recognition of continuing education units/credits, please email