Graduate Certificate Completion Information

Agronomy Certificate students must meet the following criteria in order to receive a Graduate Certificate of Completion:

  • Complete all 18 credits (6 courses) in the Agronomy Certificate program within the 7 year time limit.
  • Complete a POSC form prior to the last semester.  The POSC form lists all certificate courses the name of the supervising professor in the department (also known as the Director of Certificate Studies, DOCS).  This person is Dr. Ken Moore.
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better, with no class with less than a C grade.

Once it has been determined all requirements been met, the program will submit a Certificate Completed form, signed by the DOCS.  The Graduate College will then review the student’s records to verify, then inform the Registrar and Graduation office.  The student will be issued a printed ISU Certificate document, and add a notation in the students’ permanent record noting the date the certificate was issued.  More specific information can be found in the ISU Graduate College handbook, page 103 & 104: