Graduate Certificate Cost

Expenses for students are a combination of tuition, delivery fees, technology fees and textbooks. Distance students are assessed resident tuition regardless of their location.  

  1. ISU Distance Graduate Tuition: $497/credit. The Certificate has six 3-credit courses.
  2. College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Delivery fee: $200 for each 3-credit course. This is cost for  online course delivery.
  3. ISU Technology Fees: depends on the number of credits/semester.
    • $53.50 if 4 credits or less (one graduate course)
    • $80.25 if over 4 credits (2 graduate courses)
  4. Textbook costs: these will vary with each course. Some courses do not require texts, and some texts are used in more than one course

Example of costs to take one 3-credit course (in U.S. dollars):

  1. Tuition: $1,491
  2. Delivery Fee: $200
  3. Technology Fee: $53.50
  4. Total: $1,744.50

Totals: students can expect to spend between $10,000 - $11,000 U.S. dollars for the Certificate program.