1. Topic Selection

Selecting and developing your topic

Your topic should integrate the knowledge and skills you have developed during your coursework, but may be applied to either professional or personal situations.  Topics must address an agronomic issue or answer a specific agronomic question. Students have used the following sources to decide upon their topics (not limited to these examples):

  • Expansion of projects completed in coursework. Examples include the presentation project in Agronomy 512 or the term paper project in Agronomy 592. 
  • Professional applications - research studies, lab studies, training guides, field guides
  • Personal situations - farm case studies or on-farm research

Whatever topic you choose, remember that you will be investing considerable time and energy in it; so choose one that excites and interests you.

Characteristics of a good topic:

  • Has a clear set of objectives to be developed
  • Has sufficient primary literature sources available
  • Results in a novel product that provides new information or new synthesis of existing information