4. AGRON 599M Seminar

What is the Agronomy 599M Seminar?

The 599M Seminar was developed to help students develop their topic ideas into a workable project.  The seminar is designed like a class:

  • There are exercises and discussions geared towards the creative component
  • Assignments will prepare you for writing
  • Although the seminar is 1 credit and assignments are spread out over the semester, you must use the time wisely to submit a good written document

How do you Register for the 599M Seminar?

The seminar is offered Spring and Fall semesters.  Registration is permission only.  Please contact msagron@iastate.edu or 515-294-2999. 

What will you accomplish during the Seminar?

  • You will develop your topic from idea-outline-preproposal, with guidance from your instructor
  • Although the seminar is one credit, you will do a lot of writing, so it may feel like more effort than one credit
  • You will find a major professor (your instructor will make recommendations based on your topic content)
  • You will complete the Program of Study Committee (POSC) once you have a major professor
  • Your preproposal will be your starting point with your major professor

What is required after the Seminar semester?

  • You will work on your project independently 
  • Communication is CRITICAL!  You are expected to keep in contact with your major professor as your project progresses
  • It is highly recommended that you develop a timeline with your major professor to establish a routine for submitting written work and receiving feedback

When you finish your Creative Component

When your creative component is written to your major professor's satisfaction, you can proceed to planning your Defense, also known as Final Oral Examination