Enrollment Definitions

Students are provided with registration and textbook information before the start of each registration period. They are also reminded to be sure of their course load in relation to their other commitments (work, family, etc) when deciding upon how many courses to take each semester. Should a student need to drop a class, the ISU Registar's office Tuition Adjustment Deadlines will apply, according to the following definitions:

A student who drops ALL courses prior to the first day of the term.
A student who is registered for more than one class, who drops one class after the start of the term but remains registered for the other(s). 
A student who drops ALL courses on or after the first day of the term. This is considered a withdrawal from the semester. The dropped courses are subject to tuition adjustment deadlines.
There are times when circumstances beyond a student’s control prevents further participation during a semester. If the student is passing at the time, an instructor may approve an Incomplete. The instructor will give a grade of “I” at the end of the semester. The student will then have to make arrangements with the instructor to complete course requirements. Once complete, a Grade Report to the Registrar will be submitted for the semester the student originally registered for the class.
A student who participates in a class from start to finish during the semester of registration. This student will be given an appropriate grade at the end of the term.