6. Student Handbook & Help Info

MS Agronomy Student Handbook

The Self-Guided Orientation is much like a "quick start" guide to the program.  The MS Agronomy Student Handbook gives you a lot more detail!  The Handbook is currently being updated. There are additional sections you will want to review.

ISU Offices:


Graduate College

Financial Aid

Accounts Receivable

Writing Help

Check out the Writing and Stats Help page for any needs in these areas.  Pay special attention to the MS Agronomy Writing Guide and the Writing Consultant items. Even in these days of AI writing assistance, grammar review and human help are both very valuable.


This concludes your Self-Guided Orientation!  Please give feedback...

This is a work in progress!  If there is additional information you were looking for and did not find it, please email msagron@iastate.edu.