Get Registered

Finally!  It's time to register!  You can do so in one of the following ways:

  1. Register yourself through AccessPlus:  Here is a handy Help video.

    • NOTE: you will find an assigned a registration date and time in AccessPlus (click student info or registration on the left menu). 
      • The registration system staggers registration based on number of credits completed. 

Did you get registered?  How to tell:

The ONLY WAY to tell if you are successfully registered is in AccessPlus.  On the left menu click Class Schedule.  Your class will be posted here.  There is a semester drop-down button, be sure you look for the correct semester.

  • Do not check Canvas for your registration.  Your access to your course will be determined by the program, so you may not find it in Canvas until very close to semester start.
  • Do not check your Ubill for registration.  UBills are posted the 1st of the month of the start of a semester (August 1 for Fall semester, January 1st for Spring semester, May 1 for Summer semester).


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