3. New Student FAQs

STOP I have questions!


  1. YAY I’m registered! How do I pay my tuition?
    • You will not receive a paper bill in the mail.
    • Your University Bill (U-Bill) is posted in AccessPlus.
    • U-Bill information
  2. When is my U-bill posted to my account?
    • The ISU Calendar gives the dates when U-bills are ready.  Generally, the U-Bill is posted the first of the month that a semester will start:
      • Fall Semester            U-bills posted August 1
      • Spring Semester       U-bills posted January 1
      • Summer Semester  U-bills posted May 1
  3. When is my U-bill due?
  4. My employer will fund my tuition.  Can they pay my U-bill directly?
  5. I’m an ISU employee and tuition reimbursement is part of my benefit package. How do I set that up?

Financial Aid

  1. How do know if I qualify for financial aid? 
  2. Are there any conditions placed on receiving financial aid?
    • You must be registered for a minimum of 5 credits/semester to qualify for aid.


Who will be my advisor?

  1. Academic Advisor: He/she will be your main contact person for any and all questions, monitor your program progress, and help with any situations that may occur.  The advisor will help both MS and Certificate students. 
  2. Major Professor (MS students only):  a major professor will be chosen when you start your creative component.  Students usually start their projects midway through the Program.  The major professor only works with you on your project.

Agronomy 594 Practicum (MS Students only)

  1. What? this is a distance program - so what is this on-campus practicum?
    • Agronomy 594 is a one-time requirement.  It is recommended that you attend when you reach the halfway point in the program.
    • The practicum serves multiple purposes - the main purpose is to give hands-on activities that support what you learn in the first half the program.  Secondary benefits include meeting fellow students, as well as program faculty and staff.  
  2. When it is held?
    • Mid-July every year, Tuesday-Thursday.  Exact dates will be announced on the Course Registration pages.

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