Student Status

Active Student Status

The Agronomy MS and Certificate programs follow ISU Graduate College guidelines to determine active student status. If a student does not register for classes for 4 consecutive semesters (2 years, summer excluded), the Graduate College will flag a student’s records as inactive.

Academic Probation

If a student’s GPA falls below 3.0, they are placed on academic probation. The Graduate College will put a hold on any further class registration. This does not mean students cannot continue with the program. The MS Agronomy office can request a lift of the Grad College hold so that the student can either retake a class to get a better grade, or be allowed to take another class to improve cumulative GPA. Once GPA is back up to 3.0 or better, the registration hold will be lifted.

Program Withdrawal

If a student no longer wishes to be enrolled in the program, he/she can complete a Withdraw form. This form will drop any courses they happen to be taking at the time, but the student is still responsible for Tuition and Fees.

Program Progression

To graduate, students must complete all courses listed in the curriculum of their program. Electives are not allowed. MS Agronomy students must complete 40 credits of coursework and creative component. Certificate students must complete 18 credits of coursework only. Transfer courses will only be accepted for the MS Agronomy program, and any transfer courses must be equivalent in content to those in the curriculum. Courses counted for another degree program cannot be used as transfer.