Pre-Registration Checklist

Check your schedule: Keep your time commitment in mind!

Plan to spend 8-12 hours/class/week.  Do you have the time?

Check your overall program plan:

Tools for you:

  1. Program Planning Worksheet* shows the semesters each class is offered and course prerequisites. This information is subject to change due to instructor turnover.  It will be updated each semester. 
  2. Course workload summary* to check course requirements.

*Agronomy Graduate Certificate Students: Your courses are 501, 502, 503, 511, 512 & 514. You can disregard information not related to these courses.

Check for registration roadblocks:

Check for any holds on your registration in AccessPlus:

  • When logged into A+, on the left menu click Grad Stdnt Status
  • On the status page, the upper right corner is the Alerts section.  The two most common holds are:
    • Accounts Receivable Hold - you must resolve your Ubill before you can register.  AR office 
    • Grad College Hold - most likely probation (GPA under 3.0).  Contact the MS Agronomy office (515.294.2999 or if you want to register. 

Check the calendar (registration dates):

Start dates for registration are listed in the ISU Calendar.  The exact date will differ depending on the year.  A general rule of thumb:

  • Summer and Fall registration begins around March 20th
  • Spring registration begins around October 20th.
  • Dawn Miller will send out email announcements and reminders about registration. 

Check for assigned registration dates:

Unfortunately, the start of registration doesn't always mean you can register on the first day.  The registration system allows registrations based on number of cumulative credits completed.

  • You will be assigned a registration date and time, you will find it in AccessPlus
    • On the left menu click Student Info, and look in the Registration Information section

Check the rules (program registration policies):

  1. All MS Agronomy courses posted for registration are section “XW” (off-campus).
    • For example, if you’d like Agronomy 501, you would look for AGRON 501 Section XW
  2. Class enrollment is 25 students/class
  3. Registration etiquette: Respect your fellow students by registering for only the class you will actually take.  Please do not register for extra courses and drop later.  

All set?  

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