Registration Prep

Determine your time commitment - this is extremely important for your success!

You can plan to spent 8-12 hours/week/class

Students who work full-time take one or two courses per semester

  • If you are receiving any federal financial aid, you must be registered for a minimum of 5 credits.  This means you will need 2 classes.

Choosing your first course(s)

  1. Decide what class(es) to take
    • Courses recommended to start the program. You can take any of the following (don’t need to be in numerical order):
      • AGRON 501
      • AGRON 502
      • AGRON 503
      • AGRON 513

Registration Guidelines 

  1. Class enrollment is 25 students/class
  2. Registration etiquette: Respect your fellow students by registering for only the class you will actually take.  Please do not register for extra courses and drop later.

Woo-hoo it's time to Register!

Register yourself through AccessPlusHelp video.

  • NOTE: you will find an assigned a registration date and time in AccessPlus.  The registration system staggers registration based on number of credits completed. 

Did you get registered?  How to tell:

  • Check in AccessPlus.  On the left menu click Class Schedule.  Your class will be posted here.

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