Registration Prep

Determine your time commitment - this is extremely important for your success!

You can plan to spent 8-12 hours/week/class

Students who work full time take one or two courses per semester

  • If you are receiving any federal financial aid, you must be registered for a minimum of 5 credits.  This means you will need 2 classes.

Choosing your first course(s)

  1. Decide what class(es) to take
    • Courses recommended to start the program. You can take any of the following (don’t need to be in numerical order):
      • AGRON 501
      • AGRON 502
      • AGRON 503
      • AGRON 513

Registration Guidelines 

  1. All MS Agronomy courses posted for registration are section “XW” (off-campus).
    • For example, if you’d like Agronomy 501, you would look for AGRON 501 Section XW
  2. Class enrollment is 25 students/class
  3. Registration etiquette: Respect your fellow students by registering for only the class you will actually take.  Please do not register for extra courses and drop later.

Wohoo its time to Register!

Register yourself through AccessPlusHelp video.

  • NOTE: you will find an assigned a registration date and time in AccessPlus.  The registration system staggers registration based on number of credits completed. 

Did you get registered?  How to tell:

  • Check in AccessPlus.  On the left menu click Class Schedule.  Your class will be posted here.

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