Writing & Statistics Help

Creative Component Templates (based on project type)

  1. Research, literature review, case study
  2. Instruction Module (3 docs required)
  3. Field Guide, Educational Project, other: see major professor for format guidelines

Writing Assistance

  1. Writing Consultant (Center for Communication Excellence)

    • Amy Pollpeter works specifically with MS Agronomy students at all stages of the creative component process.  She provides guidance in writing mechanics, document flow and ASA format guidelines.  To make an appointment with Amy, use the CCE Appointy Website.

  2. MS Agronomy Writing Guide: Written for MS Agronomy students to help in all writing stages.

Statistics Resources

  1. Agronomy Virtual Labs has a site license for SAS Statistical software.
    • Instructions for Connection to Agronomy Virtual Labs
  2. Your major professor is the best person to plan your statistical approach and to develop your results and conclusions.
  3. Statistical consulting is also available:

ISU Library

Document Format Guidelines - Graduate College

A creative component is written much the same way as a thesis.  These links will provide organizational and formatting guidelines for thesis and dissertation, and can also be used for the creative component: