2. Register for Classes

Before you get started, keep in mind:

It is important to note that courses are not self-paced.  When you register for a course, you are expected to meet course deadlines according to the course calendar.  If at any time a conflict arises, communication with your instructor is extremely important.  Instructors can work with you to revise deadlines if needed, but can only help you if you let them know.  Communicate advance notice if you are able (upcoming travel, planting or harvest, etc.) or as soon as is feasible after an event (medical emergency, accident, illness, etc). 

  1. Analyze the time you have to spend on your coursework and how it will fit into your life schedule.
    • You could be spending 8-12 hours/week/class to get through the course materials and complete lesson requirements
    • Course materials do not include recorded lectures.  You will need time to read through all material and use the built-in comprehension activities.
  2. You will be expected to participate in discussions during the week of a lesson.  Your participation cannot be restricted to weekends. 
  3. You most likely will need to sacrifice other activities to focus on coursework.  Courses should not be considered an add-on to an already busy schedule. 


Tools for course planning:

Agronomy Graduate Certificate Students: Your courses are 501, 502, 503, 511, 512, 514

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