4. Plan Your Program

Please use the following tools and notes to help you map your program:

Course workload Summary*

Program Planning Spreadsheet*

Agronomy Graduate Certificate Students: Your courses are 501, 502, 503, 511, 512, 514.  You can disregard information not related to these courses.

General Guidelines

MS and Certificate Students: Using the Program Planning Spreadsheet

  1. Semester & Year: you fill these out to make your plan (you can sort the sheet so it’s in chronological order)
  2. Course ID & Name:  this is a list of all courses in the program
  3. Prerequisites:  IMPORTANT!  Pay attention to the prereqs for courses later in the program.
  4. Semester Offered:  this is subject to change due to changes in instructors.  Any changes will be communicated to students directly.
  5. Status: fill this in each time you complete a class.  You can enter your grade or just mark it complete. 
  6. Note: this is a very informal way to keep track of your progress.  At some point you will be asked to submit formal programs of study with the Graduate College.  You will be informed when this is necessary.

MS Students only: Timing for specific courses:

  • Agronomy 594: this is the program on-campus practicum.  Please plan to attend when you are halfway through the program, around 18 credits or later.  However, priority to enroll will go to those students who are closer to the end of the program.
  • Agronomy 599M Seminar, 1 credit:  this is the start of your creative component project.  Register this as soon as you know your topic.
  • Agronomy 599M, 2 credits: The final 2 credits are reserved for the semester you will defend your creative component. Please put this during your last semester of coursework or later.

Need feedback?

Draft your plan as soon as convenient for you. You can send a copy to msagron@iastate.edu and Dawn Miller can look over your plan and give you feedback.  Keep in mind that although Dawn may help you with your plan, it is your responsibility to get registered each semester.  Please refer to your plan each time you register for courses. 

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