Student Email


Click here for instructions on setting up your Outlook account.

Forwarding Email & Syncing to Mobile Devices

For information on forwarding your email to a personal account follow these directions: Email: Forwarding ISU Email to Personal Accounts

To forward your CyMail to another email account you can follow these directions: Forwarding CyMail

Almost everyone uses mobile devices to access email: Syncing CyMail to Mobile Device

Communication from the MS Agronomy office:

  • Your personal or work email was entered into the MS Agronomy database when you applied to the program. We keep this information during the time you are a student.  This system has similar information but is separate from the student information in AccessPlus.
  • When you create your CyMail account, we add your CyMail address to the MS Agronomy database.
  • Any messages sent from the MS Agronomy office will go to all email addresses listed in the database system.  This is different than other ISU offices (as mentioned above).
  • Please decide how you will use your CyMail.  If you are OK with getting messages to CyMail and work or personal email, then expect that you will get duplicate messages.  If you only want the office to use your CyMail, please contact to ask to only have your CyMail in the MS Agronomy database.

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