Student Email


Click here for instructions on setting up your Outlook account.

Forwarding Email & Syncing to Mobile Devices

Forwarding your ISU e-mail account to a personal account is not recommended:  Email: Forwarding ISU Email to Personal Accounts

Almost everyone uses mobile devices to access email: Syncing Outlook to Mobile Device

Communication from the MS Agronomy office:

  • Your personal or work email was entered into the MS Agronomy database when you applied to the program.  We keep this information during the time you are a student.  This system has similar information but is separate from the student information in AccessPlus.
  • When you create your ISU Net-ID, we add your ISU e-mail address to the MS Agronomy database.
  • Messages sent from the MS Agronomy office may go to all e-mail addresses listed in the database system. 
  • If you are OK with getting messages to ISU e-mail and work or personal email, then expect that you may receive duplicate messages.  If you only want the office to use your ISU e-mail, please contact to ask to only have your ISU e-mail in the MS Agronomy database.

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