University ID & ISUCard

What is my University ID number (UID)?

Your 9-digit unique university ID number.  It is the second group of digits in your ISUCard number. 

How do I find my UID?

In AccessPlus.  Once you are logged in, go to the A+ Home tab.  On the left menu, click ISU ID's.

What is my ISUCard number?

Your 17-digit ISU student ID number.  In addition to the UID, it contains a school code and a security code.

Anatomy of the ISUCard


How will I know which number to use? 

You will need your ISU ID number to set up your NetworkID (NetID).  Most other systems will ask for log credentials through the OKTA system, with NetID and password.  The only system that might still ask for an ID number is the library. 

Do I need an ISUCard as a distance student? 

Not really.  You can find your ISUCard number in AccessPlus:

  • Find the A+ Home tab
  • On the left menu click ISU ID’s

If you would like an ISUCard:


  • Include your name, full mailing address, student ID number and the department and course number of the course(s) which you are currently registered for (for verification purposes). 
  • The card you receive will not have a photo.

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