Academic Misconduct

All ISU graduate students, including those in the MS Agronomy and Agronomy Certificate programs, are expected to comply with the rules of academic honesty. The ISU Catalog defines Academic Dishonesty as follows:

Academic dishonesty occurs when a student uses or attempts to use unauthorized information in the taking of an exam; or submits as his or her own work themes, reports, drawings, laboratory notes, or other products prepared by another person; or knowingly assists another student in such acts or plagiarism. Such behavior is abhorrent to the university, and students found responsible for academic dishonesty face expulsion, suspension, conduct probation, or reprimand. Instances of academic dishonesty ultimately affect all students and the entire university community by degrading the value of diplomas when some are obtained dishonestly, and by lowering the grades of students working honestly.

Plagarism is one of the main forms of academic dishonesty. MS Agronomy and Agronomy Certificate students are provided with resources to avoid this form of misconduct: