What is the POSC?

The Program of Study Committee  - every ISU Grad Student is required to submit this form.  It consists of:

  1. Your Graduate Committee - major professor and committee members
  2. Your Program of Study - list of required courses and creative component credits

Graduate Committee

All MS Agronomy student graduate committees will consist of 2 official members,:

  1. Major professor - chosen during the 599M seminar
    • Your Major Professor will work with you strictly on your project 
    • Your Major Professor is expected to respond in a timely manner to any drafts you send for feedback
    • Is the only person who can determine if your Creative Component is complete enough for Final Oral Examination (defense)
  2. Committee member 1 - Dr. Allen Knapp (Director of Graduate Education for the Agronomy major)
  3. Committee member 2 - optional this person can be a work supervisor if your project also pertains to your job. 
    • Committee members review the draft of creative component that your major professor feels is ready for Final Oral Examination (defense)
    • Committee members participate in your Final Oral Examination (defense)

There can be variations:

  • If the major professor is not a member of the Agronomy department, Dr. Knapp will be listed as Co-Major Professor rather than committee member
  • Students can choose a different 3rd committee member if they prefer (see Committee Member 2, above). You can add this person informally, as there isn't a way to add a non-faculty member to the POSC.

Program of Study

On the POSC form, students are required to list all MS Agronomy required coursework and 599M credits in the order they are planned to be completed.

How is the POSC completed?

During the 599M Seminar semester, you will be guided through completing the POSC.

Additional information can be found in the ISU Grad College POSC webpage.

Where is the POSC located?

In AccessPlus.  After you log in, on the left menu click Grad Stdnt Status.  On the right side of the page is a button called My POSC Form.  Also on this page is a button called My Program Audit - this page tracks your progress as you complete the courses listed on your POSC.